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BASEMENT FREAKS: ‘Nirvana Suckaz’ + ‘And That’s Nu Funk’ free downloads

George Fotiadis (otherwise known as Basement Freaks and commander-in-chief of the Bombastic Jam label) continues to cement his reputation for boundless generosity with another couple of free downloads: Nirvana Suckaz and And That’s Nu Funkcop them below links – click the ‘down’ arrow on the righthand side of the players to download, soundcloud virgins!. Anyone who can’t guess what’s been sampled on the first of these wants working on, while the second (in Fotiadis’s own words) employs James Brown and Bootsy Collins to bridge, ”the two biggest funky schools blended with my own electronic bass line to make it sound fresh.” Read the full Basement Freaks interview at the all-new
Basement Freaks – Soundcloud
Basement Freaks – Myspace
Nirvana Suckaz by Basement Freaks

Basement Freaks- And Thats NuFunk by Basement Freaks

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