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BASEMENT FREAKS: I Feel Good With This Hip-Hop (James Brown vs. Dead Prez) (2014) Free download

I Feel Good Hip Hop Basement FreaksIs it me or has it been a while since Basement Freaks dropped a booty mash? Anyway, here’s I Feel Good With This Hip Hop as he blends the dead Godfather of Soul with the living Dead Prez. That’ll be Dead Prez’s Hip Hop ‘pella mashed with a loop from and occasionally other snatches of I Feel Good then. Unusually (for the ghetto funk era), the temptation to whack a by-the-numbers synthetic break on top of this has been resisted and it’s all the better for it. Interestingly, all the aggression from Dead Prez’s vocals has disappeared too and they’ve never sounded more like Outkast.

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