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BASEMENT FREAKS: Get Down Boogie – Single – 2011

[Rating: 5/5]
A highlight from Basement Freaks’ recent Something Freaky LP and obvious choice of single, Get Down Boogie is dancefloor gold. Featuring an infectious organ riff/ bassline double act, a Groove Is In The Heart style break (and tempo), plus (funnily enough) a big female vocal hook exhorting one to ‘Get down to the boogie,’ and referring ad infinitum to, ‘funky grooves,’ it’s a proper hands in the air number. It’s also one of an increasing number of tracks I am mentally filing in the ‘You know you’re going to have to get Serato at some point,’ section of my brain. Currently small, this particular area of my cerebral geography is flanked by two menacing entities named ‘Where are you going to get the cash for that?’ and ‘Vinyl rules you slag!’ It’s all going to kick off at some point…Funkanomics, Fab Samperi and Uptown Felaz are on remix duties but the original is still the don.
(Out 4 April 2011 on Jalapeno)

JAL 114 Basement Freaks – Get Down Boogie by Basement Freaks
(PRESS RELEASE) 2011 has seen the formidable force that is Basement Freaks come of age, with plaudits on and off the dancefloor showering George Fotiadis and the band with praise for their debut album, Something Freaky. They now continue where they left off, ripping up the dancefloor that is, with the second single, Get Down Boogie. On the remix tip, Funkanomics provide a ghetto funk styled breaks stomper, Fab Samperi drops a bouncy balkan influenced interpretation and Uptown Felaz follow suit with a classic nu funk mix – all guaranteed to keep the Jalapeno faithful rocking.

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