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BASEMENT FREAKS: Block Party Mix (2016)

Block Party Mix Basement FreaksOh Christ. Grab hold of something sturdy. Basement Freaks is in the club and he’s brought planet-sized farty bass, party breakbeats and…Queen? Yes that’s right – it takes a brave breaks-man to open his set with stadium pomp rock’s campest (and that’s saying something) (p)outfit but Georgios Fotiadis is that man. He will rock you. Any concerns that his latest Block Party Mix is going to turn into a wobble-rock folly are soon averted by the arrival of a certain hot-stepper, House Of Pain and DJ Kool, in that order. By that time everybody’s hands are in the air and they’re nicely warmed up for introduction of Lack Jemmon’s latest ghetto funk banger featuring ‘guest vocals’ from – er – Aston Merrygold. Great sense of humour these ghetto funk types. In case you’ve been asleep for the last two months, the new Basement Freaks LP Time Machine is out this month. Cop the mix below…

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