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BASEMENT FREAKS: ‘All That Funk’ (2015) Jalapeno Funk Vol. 7 exclusive!

Jalapeno Funk Vol 7  Basement Freaks All That Funk!The end of the year, the dreadful queues in the shops, Shakin’ Stevens’ bloody Christmas song in the charts again, MPs voting to bomb Syria even though last month David Hameron said that Russia’s bombing campaign in Syria will cause “further radicalisation and increase terrorism”, Jalapeno Funk Vol. 7…wait…what was that last one? Jalapeno Records are going to release a Jalapeno Funk Vol. 7! See it’s not all bad! And just to prove it, here is an MB exclusive of Basement Freaks‘ contribution as he goes back to the old school with ‘All That Funk!’ – horns, fat bass, crunchy breakbeats – it’s all in there. Check it below. Jalapeno Funk Vol. 7 follows shortly, stay tuned for further info.

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