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BANDERAS: Tema De Banderas b/w Banderas Mambo (Vinyl 7″)

BANDERAS:  Tema De Banderas b/w Banderas Mambo Vinyl 7For part two of ‘funky Latin stuff comes from the unlikeliest places night’ it’s time to introduce you to Matasuna Records’ new find – Banderas and their new 7″ Tema De Banderas b/w Banderas Mambo. Eleven-strong, Banderas consist of musicians, dancers and a DJ and are bound by a love of salsa, boogaloo and mambo. Nothing unlikely about that of course. Until you find out they’re from Tokyo. Yes, the Japanese Tokyo. Is there another one? And you’re reminded of all those Japanese rockabilly and Japanese 70s-type punk bands (or any other non-Japanese pop music form) you’ve seen footage of who seem to have mainlined the essence of whatever music they’re into to the extent that they keep it as real as those they emulate. Mind you, when they sound this good, I can’t imagine there’ll be any complaints. No official embeddable audio yet so it’s all about YT and that live ish.
(Out 23 March on Matasuna Records)

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