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BAM & MR DERO: This EP (2014)

This EP Bam Mr Dero[RATING: 5] “Did you hear? Bam from Jungle Brothers & Mr Dero have dropped This EP and it’s super dope!”
“Really? Cool – what’s it called?”
This EP!”
“I know – you said – but what’s it called?”
This EP!”
“No – what’s it called?”
This EP!”
“Look – don’t be a cock…”

Hours of fun. Austrian knob twiddler Mr Dero oversees easily one of the most successful hook-ups between a contemporary party breaks producer and an old school rapper to date, delivering soulful hip-hop, reggae-hip-hop, more reggae hip-hop, junglist-reggae hip-hop, a massive slab of boom-bap and uptempo bashment while Bam provides effortlessly cool party rhymes. Bangers aplenty for all tastes and it comes with the instros too. “The bass is pumping and the walls are peeling” then? You got that right. You’ll also be pleased to hear that This will be followed by That and later still by This & That. And we all like a bit of ‘this and that’…
(Out now on Tiefparterre Records)

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