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BALKAN RIDDIMS: Shout It Loud (2015)

Shout It Loud Balkan RiddimsThe star of Greek reggae/ dancehall project Balkan Riddims continues to rise as they prepare to drop Shout It Loud shortly on the Timewarp Music label. The seven track release (well, six tracks and an intro) all feature South African-raised vocalist Gobey and mixes up dancehall with digi-dub reggae vibes and occasionally a more rootsy vibe. Things kick off with spliffed-out intro – er – Intro, rootsy business is taken solely by You Know and it’s the dancehall tracks that take up the bulk of the LP including the title track while the best cut is first track proper, the digi-reggae anthem Nuff Ah Dem featuring double-time toasting and a singalong hook that the whole crowd can shout loud.
(Out 30 November on Timewarp Music)

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