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BALKAN RIDDIMS feat. JAHRICIO: United (BLEND MISHKIN remix) (2015) Free download + Survival Of The Fittest UK tour

United Blend Mishkin Jahricio Balkan RiddimsNever was a message more timely than that of Balkan Riddims’ United in a week when some morons killed loads of innocent people and then some other morons have decided to respond by killing some other people – ostensibly allies of the first lot of morons (though they’re just as likely to hit a school or hospital on recent evidence) who were killing people in the first place because they’d been attacked by some morons. Or something. Repeat until the end of time. No repetition for Blend Mishkin though who goes all dancefloor on Balkan Riddims’ asses – for free. Could there be a tour in the offing? There could! Check Mishkin out at the end of this month/ start of next as he does a few dates around the UK. Cop the freebie below. Tour dates below that…

Survival Of The Fattest Tour Blend Mishkin 2015

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