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BACAO RHYTHM & STEEL BAND: Love Like This/ Dog Was A Doughnut (2016)

Love Like This Bacao Steel Rhythm BandHas your hotly anticipated LP been put back a couple of months? No worries. Why not release another seven inch to keep punters fluffed? In this case a funky steel drum cover of Faith Evans’ 90s cut Love Like This on the A side and a funky steel drum cover (well – they are the Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band) of Cat Steven’s 70s electronica curio Dog Was A Doughnut? Yep – not bad – nice little shimmy on the first and a decently crunchy break on the second but if you think these are good, you’re going to shit when you hear the LP (no, it’s not all covers and no, the best tracks aren’t all the covers) because these are far from two of the best tracks on it.
(Out 18 March on Big Crown Records)

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