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AZIDO 88 & CADILLACQUE: Heavy Hitters

Looks like Roast Beatz’ label Cuttin’ It Fine was pretty stoked to get Heavy Hitters from producer Azido 88 and emcee Cadillacque in the submissions inbox. An original slice of contemporary boom-bap, it finds Azido 88 going chunky on the drums with fuzzy bass and FX-drenched horns while Cadillacque employs the mic style de jour to wonder where all the ‘heavy hitters’ have gone. The label couldn’t let that one go without getting a few remixes in though. Thus, keen as mustard, Roast Beatz himself comes through with a stuttery beat, plenty of scratching and those big club builds and drops, X-Ray Ted delivers pumping disco funk and DZRT FRST brings a punishing house mix for those that way inclined. The original is still the pick of the bunch round the these parts though.

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