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ASHERU: ‘Funky DC’ video (2014)

Funky DC AsheruIf you didn’t catch Sleepless in Soweto, the funky S.A.-themed LP released in November which is the most recent full-length effort from underground legend Asheru of the Unspoken Heard, the video for album track Funky DC might make you wish you had. In it, Ash teams up with DC funk outfit The Funk Ark for some afro-inflected groovin’ and since he ain’t funkin’ for Jamaica but for DC he enlists the help of Ballou High School’s Majestic Marching Knights to make this video filmed during the DC Funk Parade (DC has a funk parade?!) a visual delight. My favourite bit is the drum major type dude in white doing his thing at 3:53…

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