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ANGELS OF LIBRA feat. NATHAN JOHNSTON:  RevelationsRetro-futurism abounds on new single Revelations from Angels Of Libra, once again featuring Nathan Johnston on vocals. A psych-soul affair, it takes the lyrical form of an environmental message – the sort of thing that lends itself admirably to having a video made you might think. And you wouldn’t be wrong. The year, it seems, is 2056; the world is plagued by famine, wildfire and drought and the people of earth have finally decided to take concerted action and sent astronaut Nathan Johnston to check out uninhabited planets for an Earth-like atmosphere, presumably having given up on Zuckerberg’s Ready Player One dream of a virtual Earth as bollocks. If this all sounds a bit Jeff Bezos-like, at least they’ve opted not to use a spacecraft shaped like a phallus. Mind you, what they have used looks like it was made out of tinfoil and a hula hoop – a bit primary school but at least little kids seem to care about the planet’s future. Anyway, after a fruitless search, NJ is left with a toss-up between two final ‘alt-Earth’ contenders and opts for the computer’s choice. Turns out ‘computer says no’ and after a brief Robinson Crusoe On Mars-type surface sortie, our man returns to ship to drift in space, almost out of fuel and oxygen, his last action – idly frying then tossing an egg – the symbol of life – into the cosmos. Gets you thinking. And what it gets the monkey thinking is that rich tech bros need the revelation that they should be spending their money on fixing the Earth we’ve already got. You’d like to think this could be their wake-up call but anyone whose ‘practical’ solution to shitting on their own doorstep is searching for a new planet to ruin or creating a virtual one to – er – ruin is a lost cause.
(Out now on Waterfall Records)

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