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ANDY COOPER: Here Comes Another One b/w The Perfect Definition (Vinyl 12″)(2017)

ANDY COOPER:  Here Comes Another One b/w The Perfect Definition (Vinyl 12[RATING: 5] Oohh – look out – here comes another one from someone who is surely Long Beach’s tallest emcee and one of the world’s fastest. That’ll be Andy Cooper then, sometime Ugly Duckling, tireless mic manipulator and seeker of the dopest beats. For your aural delectation this time around, he’s convinced Spanish label Rocafort to release double funky action on the only true hip-hop wax format – the mighty twelve inch. It’s stable, you can fit your whole hand on it and it doesn’t wear out in five seconds like those damn 45s. Give it another year and hipsters will have tired of the seven inch as yesterday’s thing and the collectable of choice for none but the Johnny-come-latelys. Cooper is wayyy ahead of the curve in other words and the format is perfect for the ‘jazztastic’ uptempo boom-bap of Here Comes Another One complete with guest emcee Blabbermouf (who does the speed-rap thing on this one) while AC effortlessly brag-raps I spit rhyme more sick than strychnine/ And swing into a rhythm like I’m ripping a zip-line. Flip it for the very slightly slower but heavier The Perfect Definition for more fully justified self-promotional bars from a man who sounds like his star is still riding high – not to mention travelling at breakneck speed. Also comes with instros and bonus beats!
(Out 24 November on Rocafort Records)

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