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ALL STARS: Juice Crew Law b/w DJ DSK feat. AKIL & MYSTRO: Check Out The Technique (Vinyl 7″)

ALL STARS: Juice Crew LawNow here’s an internationally-flavoured vinyl 7″ that can only be described as a raucous celebration of hip-hop culture. On the A-side – All Stars – a.k.a. DJ DSK, Whirlwind D, Chrome, Specifik and Mr Wonderful combine talents for a heavy dancefloor-flavoured celebration of Shanghai b-boy outfit Juice Crew whilst very much paying homage to MC Shan’s original ’88 classic Juice Crew Law. Over on the flip, DJ DSK (again – are you starting to get the vibe that he pulled this release together?), Jurassic 5’s Akil and Mystro Check Out The Technique and plough a more nineties hip-hop path. Videos below with the Juice Crew Law one featuring the Juice Crew themselves. Well – it would be rude not to!
(Out now on DNA Edits/ B-Line Productions HERE)

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