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ALEXIA COLEY: Keep The Faith (2013) + ‘Love At First Sight’ free download

Retro-soul queen-in waiting, Alexia Coley, leaves nothing to chance on her debut single plumping for the tried and tested ‘one side torch song slowie/ one side uptempo stomper combo’ and delivering a classic vocal performance on both. Which to make the A-side though? Why – let’s make it the torch song!
“What’s that called Alexia?”
“It’s called ‘Keep The Faith’ monkeyboxing, dear.”
“Er – didn’t Bon Jovi do a song called that once?”
“Did they? Bugger. Well, it’s too bloody late now, it’s already recorded and shit and all the artwork’s done. Now everything’s ruined!”
“Don’t worry Alexia – you know you’re gonna live through the rain. Lord! You got to keep the faith.”

Thank you, I’m here all week. Cop a free download of the flip – soul burner Love At First Sight off the player below…
(Out 5 August on Jalapeno)

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