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ALEJANDRO BARTOLELLI: THS Brotha (Bartolelli Edit)/ Oya Oya (2015) Free download

THS Brotha Oya Oya Alejandro BartolelliTwo cheeky edits straight out of Buenos Aires for you here as Alejandro Bartolelli applies the AB magic to a flute-y piece of funk whimsy on THS Brotha and then goes in for a bit of afro-flavoured reggae on Oya Oya. Two tracks? It’s almost like a bootleg seven inch isn’t it? Except of course that these are digital and will therefore sadly be passed over by parvenu vinyl snobs who bought their first 45 this year and are therefore fully qualified to lecture those with substantial vinyl collections (and who still buy vinyl) about why they shouldn’t be using Serato. Everyone else however can cop ’em below. Don’t forget to thank the man.

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