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ALDO VANUCCI & FEATURECAST feat. THA LIKS: Prohibition EP – 2010 – Review + Free download + video

[rating: 5]
Not content with simply releasing one of the biggest bangers of the year (bootleg or otherwise) Plymouth’s ‘fourteenth best DJ’ – the one and only Aldo Vanucci – now offers the Prohibition EP for free download. Essentially a vocal from Tha ‘Liks over a fat break and a Dixieland sample – what’s not to like? The vinyl version has been kicking off the monkey’s sets since it came out and if the huge old school hip-hop original mix doesn’t float your boat (and god only knows what kind of boat you have if it doesn’t), there’s also the DnB mix and a couple of others that the kids might be more down with…cop it here:

FREE DOWNLOAD – Aldo Vanucci – Prohibition EP as part of Monkeyboxing mixtape Filthy Rhythm Dirty Soul

Aldo Vanucci – Myspace

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