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ALDO VANUCCI: Everyday Games EP – free download

“Plymouth’s 14th best DJ” returns to drop a prime selection of reggae party breaks on the Everyday Games EP (DOWNLOAD HERE) that sees riddim applied to both Arrested Development and De La Soul. Dat Good’s skankin retouch of Basement Jaxx’s Good Luck is the runaway winner though. All on-the-ball vinyl slags will have picked this up in the last few weeks but some (like me) might not have got around to turning it into a digital format. Makes a change though – I’m sick of finding out something’s out on CD and digital but not vinyl – those dubplates are costing me a fortune.
Aldo Vanucci – Everyday Games – Tracklist:
1. Everyday Games
2. Dat Good
3. Good Skank
4. Pretty Old School

Aldo Vanucci – Myspace

Aldo Vanucci – Everyday Games EP – DOWNLOAD

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