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ALANNA ROYALE: Fall In Love Again

ALANNA ROYALE: Fall In Love Again “Don’t you wanna fall in love again?” ponders Alanna Royale on the hook of new single entitled (perhaps not surprisingly) Fall In Love Again. And you know what?  You just might fall in love again – with classic soul music at the very least (because you already fell in love with it before, right?) as she channels the best of the early seventies golden era on this cut from Colemine Records. But which producer might share Royale’s love of soaring vocals, arrangements drenched in strings and horns and gently funky rhythms and which label might give Royale’s music a home? Step forward Mr Kelly Finnegan of The Monophonics and Colemine Records, of course!
(Out now on Colemine Records)
TEXT COPYRIGHT: Stone Monkey/ (2021)

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