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AK SKILLZ: Check Da Flava (Freqnik & WDRE remix) (2012) Free download

Freqnik & WDRE are making something of a career of remixing nineties hip-hop with nineties-style beats. What’s the point in that? – some might think – clearly underestimating a demand for sample-rich boom-bap that’s never gone away. And the thing about NYC producers Freqnik & WDRE is that their remix beat usually equals the original – if it doesn’t surpass it as with their recent Big Daddy Kane cut. Here’s nineties underground Queens rapper AK Skillz getting the treatment as the noir-ish scratchfest of his original joint gets an upbeat twist complete with seasonal sleigh bell motif. Skillz is still all about the battle rhymes though. Get on the free DL below and check the original below that.

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