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AIR: Moon Safari Remixed (2017)

Moon Safari Remixed Air JPrime Leygo Monstafunk Vinyl MessiOne suspects French mellowtronica duo Air are are possibly not aware of the existence of the Moon Safari Remixed EP, a cheeky project which finds some of the usual Relative Dimensions label suspects make remarkably free with material off Air’s 90s debut LP. JPrime creates a new dawn for Ce Matin La for example by introducing it to Public Enemy’s He Got Game and a healthy dose of wobble, Leygo has Kelly swap watching stars for listening to house music and Vinyl Messi gets all junglist on All I Need. Arguably it’s Monstafunk who delivers the biggest crowdpleaser though by blending Nate Dogg’s bit from Shake That to Sexy Boy for a juggernaut of an electro-hop mash.
(Out 10 February on Relative Dimensions)

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  1. Always with the monstafunk love, why don’t you just marry him? 😉

  2. Not very impressed with anything other than the Monstafunk track. The other ones seem shoehorned in and barely in key in some places. This album really deserved better.

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