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AIM feat. SOULS OF MISCHIEF: No Restriction (Remix)

UK producer, famed for working with legendary undergound US emcees, one of the original big stars of Grand Central Records, discovered by Mark Rae back in the day – Cold Water Music (1999), Hinterland (2001), The Habit Of A Lifetime And How To Kick It (with QnC, 2015) – yeah you’re damn right you remember Aim! And now he’s back with a huge remix of the Souls Of Mischief-featuring No Restrictions from Hinterland as premiered the other day by Chuck D on his radio show. Out goes the jazzy beat and in comes an epic synth-drenched one instead. Could a remastered Hinterland be getting a global digital release? It certainly could and what’s more, if Mr D is to be believed, Aim’s first solo LP in two decades follows next year! No restrictions at Atic Records right now! Check the pre-track blah and the track itself remix on the player below from 08:30; check just the track on the player below that.

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