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ADIDAS SKATEBOARDING: Pete Eldridge joins the team

Cool – a new Pete Eldridge signature Superstar shoe. Would that be white with three navy black stripes by any chance?…
With skills and style and a long history of rocking adidas, Pete Eldridge is the new addition to the adidas Skateboarding team. Pete’s been on a mission recently to destroy everything in his path – including his recent Mystery video part, his performance at both Tampa Pro and the Maloof Money Cup, and his part in the adidas European video, Diagonal. There are big things in store for Pete at adidas Skateboarding, including his first signature color way shoe, dropping in 2010. It’s a Pete staple, none other than the Superstar, a shoe Pete has been skating in since way back in the day. His first adidas ad is running this month in fine skate publications and a new feature just launched on the adidas skateboarding website, welcoming him to the team.

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