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AD ‘N’ KUTS (ADITUP & DASTARDLY KUTS): Free downloads (2013)

Fuck Marvel Team-Ups (again), Brisbane bad boys Aditup and Dastardly Kuts have joined forces for some double-action, breakbootybass-hop earhole-penetration as Ad ‘N’ Kuts. They humbly describe themselves as, “two pundits of bodaciously bad bootlegs and coma-inducing dj sets…set to take the world by a shit storm of played out samples and wack as fuck production techniques” before predicting a, “Beatport top 10 is a certainty!” But don’t let that put you off. The opening bars of supremely funky Snoop boot Gz & Hustlas Get Wicked below should convince you these gentlemen have adequate skills to foot the bills. Feel free to download that and the Rory Hoy and Krafty Kuts rerubs below it. And if you fancy a bit of solo action (and who doesn’t?) check out their respective soundcloud pages via the links at the top of this post.

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