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A SKILLZ: Think (It Takes Two) feat. Lyn Collins (2012) Free download + London Show 6.10.12

It’s reassuring to know that the mighty Lyn Collins ‘features’ on what is essentially a remix of her own song – still – this is a remix by the mighty A Skillz so we’ll let him off. If you’re one of the three people who hasn’t yet heard this, imagine Lyn Collins still-fresh original, cut up a bit with Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock’s massive ’88 hip-hop club banger It Takes Two (which almost entirely consists of samples from Collins’ version) and regularly punctuated with slabs of bass that sound like a seagull-sized hornet trapped in a public toilet. If you will insist on using the term ‘ghetto funk’ – you could do worse than apply it to this. Drop this at the right time, djs, and you have every chance of blowing the whole joint up. Cop it below. And catch the man live on Saturday, 6 October at Cable in London with a host of others including Krafty Kuts.

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