MR BRISTOW: City Love EP (2016)

city-love-ep-mr-bristowNo roll in the hay for Mr Bristow then – since, as the title of his new EP announces, he’s clearly all about the City Love. And doesn’t he just cavort around in the sounds of the megalopolitan sprawl like a some sort of priapic production pimp! He hustles Jermaine Dupri into a clinch with upbeat 70s pop hooks on the loose caboose of the title cut, gets Kool G Rap to do the damn thing with Grace Jones and Odissey on the retro cut-up breaks of Pull Up My Roots, throws Naughty By Nature and the Clash into bed on hands-in-the-air anthem Stand By It’s On and gets Janis Joplin, Dizzy Dustin and MC Savant all familiar on the b-boy-friendly Lunar Tune? Why it’s almost enough to make you run around the nearest urban centre grabbing at pussy if that weren’t entirely unacceptable and the sort of thing only practiced by sex-pests and US presidents elect which it transpires are much the same thing in 2016…
(Out 18 November (Juno exclusive)/ 25 November globally on Breakbeat Paradise)