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Monkeyboxing.com is the number one blog for FUNK, SOUL, HIP-HOP, PARTY BREAKS, associated MASH-UPS/ BOOTLEGS and a bit of REGGAE, SKA and PSYCH. We bring you the latest news, (p)reviews, features and release details because we’re all about the funky bumpin’ beats. Put simply, if you’re someone who thinks fat drum breaks and basslines are the apex of musical culture, then you’ve come to the right place.

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If we think it’s monkeyboxing material – it gets posted as soon as humanly possible. The monkey’s inbox is always VERY busy however and it is impossible to reply to everyone – sorry! If there’s time and it’s not monkey material, we will try and guide you to another blog. Also, re. ADVERTISING, please note MB DOES NOT DO ‘third party content’-type advertising, sorry.

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1. Any comment appearing on this site represents the opinion of the person who wrote the comment only.

2. With regard to reviews – the monkey does not blow smoke up anyone’s ass. If the monkey thinks it’s good it gets props. If the monkey doesn’t, it doesn’t. If you don’t like a review please re-read 1. above, and remember that: a) there’s a certain school of thought that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, b) you have the right to comment and c) you don’t actually have to visit monkeyboxing.com. Finally, artists and labels take note: it does NOT follow that, if the monkey raves about one release from a label or artist, the monkey will rave about all subsequent releases from a label or artist. On the other hand, just because the monkey gives a wack release both barrels, this will NOT prevent the monkey praising subsequent excellence. Each release on its merits!

3. Monkeyboxing makes every effort to ensure that audio downloads are sanctioned by the artist. If an audio download link to your copyrighted material appears on this site and should not be here, please contact Monkeyboxing to have it removed.

4. Remember – it’s ‘monkeyboxing’ not ‘monkey boxing.’ Chek!

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