SLIMKID3 & NU-MARK: No Pity Party (PIMPERNEL JONES remix) (2014) Free download

No Pity Party Pimpernel JonesThe word on the street is that super-chilled boom-bap production outfit Herma Puma have a collab in the offing featuring the legendary QnC (legendary lyricists Q-Ball and Curt Cazal to you). In order that you don’t forget about them in the meantime however, Pimpernel Jones of said crew delivers an ice-cold, pina colada-smooth remix of the latin-soul jazz-tinged No Pity Party off the


Brick House Bruno Borlone Boogie MikeBruno Borlone & Boogie Mike give full acknowledgment to Lionel Ritchie’s old crew The Commodores on this remix of Brick House which is more than founder member William King gave his missus, Shirley Hanna, for writing the lyrics – at least for the first few years of the song’s existence. For the uninitiated, the 1977 original was a soulful bass-popping paean to a statuesque amazon of a

SMOOVE & TURRELL: Will You Be Mine (2014) + video

Will You Be Mine Smoove TurrellRating: ★★★★★ Fans of classy disco get very lucky here as Smoove & Turrell unleash the massive and obvious choice for crossover hit single from third LP Broken Toys in the form of the potentially Daft Punk/ Pharrell/ Niles Rodgers-bothering Will You Be Mine. They’re from Newcastle though so don’t expect the video to feature the band all gannin aboot in spangly threads like. This one

REGGIE WATTS: Fuck Shit Stack (FATHER FUNK remix)(2014) Video + free download

Fuck Shit Stack Father FunkRating: ★★★★★ On the original Fuck Shit Stack, Reggie Watts conducted a post-modern dissection of the lyrical content of much contemporary hip-hop and identified broad underlying patterns and themes like swearing, objectification of woman and general materialism – often bling and car-related. This allowed him the perfect excuse to make a song (and video)

SLYNK: Funk Fascination EP (2014) Free download

Funk Fascination EP SlynkAccording to Slynk, he’s got an obsession with, “all types of funk music.” It was only recently, for example, that he threw out a freebie Parliament rerub. Here however, he’s celebrating his fetish for the funk with the triple-tracker Funk Fascination EP for which read one part slo-mo late seventies/ early eighties-ish electro boogie grooves, one part slo-mo late seventies/ early eighties-ish electro

TOO MANY T’s: Running Wild EP (2014) + ‘Butter Rug’ free download

Running Wild Too Many T'sBoom-bap, Brit-rap duo Too Many T’s are all set to release their ten track Running Wild EP for free the week after next and to promo it they’ve decided to release EP cut Butter Rug early, for nowt. ‘Butter rug’? Sounds a bit smutty doesn’t it and you can trust that the boys make sure it’s all filth by getting Uncle Bad Touch to provide a beat replete with big horns on which the regular T’s

PUBLIC ENEMY: Bring The Noise (PHIBES remix)(2014)

Bring The Noise PE PhibesBass! How low can you go? Well, if your handle is Phibes, then you aim to get lower than the Bomb Squad. Which is rather a prolonged tramp downwards. Talking of tramps – a certain well-famous Mohawks sample gets another outing here although the familiarity of that hammond riff is leavened by the process of inserting lengthy ghetto funk wobble-bass interpolations. It’s all part

EDDIE SHINN: The Plastic Jam (2014)

Plastic Jam Eddie ShinnMore ‘downtempo’ breakbeat action from the Cold Busted label that follows in the footsteps of drops from My Neighbour Is, Mister T and Funky Destination in actually being quite funky and lively. And as my first piece of evidence your honour, I’d like to submit the upbeat, 108 bpm instrumental box of party breaks happiness entitled – er – Box Of Happiness. That’ll be a highlight off The Plastic

YUM CHA: Roll Dem EP (2014)

Roll Dem EP Yum Cha“Yum cha?”
“Oh yes please – that’s very kind – got any of those little snack things while I do?”
“Dim Sums?”
“No I was thinking more of some of those ghetto reggae biscuits.”
“Ghetto reggae biscuits? Ohhhhh. You mean Yum Cha the Oz
producer! Sorry I thought you were

BROTHER ALI feat. BAMBU & MALLY: ‘Home Away From Home’ free download (2014) + video

Home Away From Home Brother AliBrother Ali is on tour back home in the States it seems and as is apparently his wont, he’s made a tour theme tune. Home Away From Home features an uplifting Philly soul-style beat, fellow rappers Bambu and Mally and is an ode to the joys of the tourbus. The video appears to be filmed on the tourbus too. Less one of those glorious efforts with luxury toilets and a heated swimming pool though