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MAXADO: Upon A Smile EP (Vinyl 7″)

Brazilian early reggae outfit Firebug might have disbanded (no pun intended) but singer Maxado is still flying the boss flag with new 45 single Upon

PHOENIX CITY ALL-STARS: Skatisfaction (2013)

[RATING: 5] The stock-in-trade of ska supergroup Phoenix City All-stars (boasting members of Kasabian, Pama International, The Bongolian, The Delegators, Sidewalk Doctors, Intensified, Dub Vendor

DAYTONER: Treat Me EP (2013)

[RATING: 5] One of my favourite tracks off Daytoner‘s Sunburst Radio LP from last summer was the Motown-groove-with-nineties-indie-vocals of Treat Me. It was clearly single


Ahh Belgium – famous for luxury chocolate, lager for wife beaters (allegedly), and boss reggae. Er – rewind a second – it sounded like you

LITTLE ROY: Lithium (2011) + video

Studio One legend Little Roy releases his sixties ska version of Nirvana’s Lithium next week. It’s the best track off his Battle For Seattle album