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SPACEFLIGHT ORCHESTRA: Step One (J-Boogie remix) – 2009 – review

[rating: 3.5]

It’s chill or be chilled time as J-Boogie has a fiddle with trippy hippie breaks merchant Spaceflight Orchestra’s downtempo track Step One. It ambles along dreamily enough incorporating a sizeable dub-like bass line absent from the original, some highly agreeable vocals from a vocalist who, as luck would have it, happens to be named Alma The Dreamer and something a bit more iffy that might best be described ‘nu-jazzy’ gilding. It’s all a bit like one of those dozing-in-the-middle-of-a-summer’s-day-reveries, albeit one where you can’t quite achieve a deeper slumber because that annoying intro to Herbie Hancock’s Watermelon Man keeps going round in your head.

Listen to Spaceflight Orchestra – Step One (J Boogie remix)

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