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SMILE DAVIS/ DJ MAARS: Roots The Jewels b/w Rocksteady Business (ULURU 002)(Vinyl 7″)

Roots The Jewels b/w Rocksteady Business[RATING: 5] If you’ve ever thought Run The Jewels’ bars would sound better over a beat crafted from rocksteady samples rather than El-P’s ear-challenging rhythms (or even DJ Shadow’s), then Little Beat More Records have got you sorted right out with Roots The Jewels on new 45 Uluru Vol. 2 on sub-label Uluru. Why – it’s a record so positively upbeat it could almost prevent a ruck between squabbling politicians! Like Let Me Get Down on Uluru OO1 it comes accompanied by the instro but unlike Uluru 001 it also comes accompanied by another cheeky reggae/ hip-hop number from a man who knows a thing or two about cheeky reggae/ hip-hop numbers. I speak, of course, about…wait for it – DJ Maars! And what has Maars supplied but his own De La-meets-rocksteady nugget, Rocksteady Business. You know you want it!
(Out 9 October HERE)

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