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MYNIEMO: How We Rock EP (2013)

Anyone who says party breaks isn’t drug music needs to have a look at the video to Myniemo’s The Boss which features a pair of disembodied feet and a crocodile finger puppet mugging for the camera over the NY skyline along with occasional snatches of someone who looks a bit like Skrillex playing the drums. The track itself is a booty breaks version of The Blues Brothers’ version of the Peter Gunn Theme featuring interpolations of The Ramones and carried out with a pounding Teutonic relentlessness that will be familiar to fans of KMFDM. The Lords Of The Underground-sampling title track sounds a relatively mild slice of ghetto breaks by comparison. It does come with a ‘Breakers Edit’ and a ‘Summer Mix’ to spice things up however but my preference is for the hectic Flamenco-breaks of A New Pair Of Boots – presumably needed to replace footwear worn out on The Boss video…
(Out now on Breakbeat Paradise)