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FRESH FROM THE SEWER PRESENTS..: Captain Flatcap July 25 (2014)

Captain Flatcap Fresh From The SewerKane FM’s Fresh From The Sewer crew step out from behind the radio mic to put on a night (Fresh From The Sewer Presents…Captain Flatcap) at McCluskey’s in Kingston on 25 July. One trusts that it’s just a coincidence that the venue is called McCluskey’s because if the one in Kingston is anything like the one in Bristol all those blotchy-legged muffin-topped women and ‘roid-ripped dayglo blue and green shirted, gel-haired male punters are going to get the fucking shock of their lives when the bassfunk and party breaks that this lot are promising starts up. Headlining is Kane FM’s ‘king of electro swing, Captain Flatcap with support from Turtle, JRS and DJ Physikal. Just make sure you keep a bit of 80s in the back of the crates eh boys? Full details HERE.

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