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DIRTY DUBSTERS feat. TURBULENCE: When The Road Calls (2013)

[RATING: 5] Good lord – er – I mean whagwaan? Who’s causing all that sonic bodderation and setting soundwaves in flux? Why it’s Turbulence of course, in the company of Ireland’s men-most-dub (i.e. the Dirty Dubsters) with the When The Road Calls EP. Said EP offers the very soulful digi-dub original plus remixes from King Yoof, Numa Crew, T.Kay and Zion Train which take in 140 bpm jungle, rolling dnb and wobble-bassed dub. And yes, that road in the title is a metaphorical one – this isn’t a song about some sudden burning desire to cruise the mean streets of Dublin in a lowered Vauxhall Corsa with a fat tail pipe.
(Out 14 January on Irish Moss Records)