(NEW) 1. DJ Rebel – Uptown A Little Bit More

‘Uptown Funk’ my arse part 1. What you need is some uptown stomp…MORE

(NEW) 2. Henry Boatwright feat. Soul Bros. Inc. – Git It

The very finest raw, dirty, funky soul…MORE

(3) 3. Mark Ronson feat. Mystikal – Feel Right

‘Uptown Funk’ my arse part 2. Get some of this!

(4) 4. T Bird & The Breaks – Harmonizm

TB&TB give you beats to the rhyme and nickels to the dime…MORE

(NEW) 5. Cannibal Ox – Iron Rose

Iron shirt kung-fu hip-hop…MORE

(NEW) 6. Boca 45 feat. Stephanie McKay – Mr Big Sun

Big-ass psychedelic funk-rock number…MORE

(NEW) 7. Minimatic – Owner Of a Boogaloo Heart

Boogaloo booty banger…MORE

(NEW) 8. The Scribes – Blood In Your Eyes

Pop-savvy banger from the UK hip-hop crew…MORE

(NEW) 9. The Skints – This Town

Pop-savvy dubber from the UK dub crew…MORE

(NEW) 10. DJ Pnutz – B-Girl BBQ

Quality, crunchy b-girl butter…MORE