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WBBL: Ghetto Funk presents WBBL EP (2012)

Name yourself after one of the defining characteristics of your chosen genre’s sound and then drop four tracks that not only encapsulate your chosen genre’s sound but give an odds on chance of said genre gatecrashing the charts? You’ll be WBBL then – Ghetto Funk’s new boy with four of the poppiest nuggets they’ve yet released and man most-likely-to finally get the ghetto funk sound an overground presence. Best cut? Hands down the Handsome Boy Modelling School-sampling Fresh Witness – “Holy calamity, scream insanity, all you ever gonna be’s another big fan of me.” Yes, well…quite.
(Out 19 March on Ghetto Funk)

Check Menina by Ghetto Funk

Talkin About My Baby by Ghetto Funk

Fresh Witness by Ghetto Funk

Danger Machine by Ghetto Funk

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