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URSULA 1000: Get Down With Us Tonight

Ursula 1000 invites you to Get Down With Us Tonight on the new single and frankly it’s an invitation few will ignore. It’s a bit sixties, a bit disco and all party in a retro-future affair that opens with a big drums, adding in funky bass, layers of percussion, vocal sample snippets and a tasty Hammond riff fully intended to have people dancing on tables. Strictly speaking the track isn’t completely new having appeared a couple of years ago as the last track on the B-side of a four-track 45 Kinda Kinky 20th Anniversary Remix but this new digital release pairs it with the instro version and according to the PR promises to be merely the first in a ‘string of songs’ leading up to a new LP later in the year.
(Out 5 July on Insect Queen Music)Kinda' Kinky 20th Anniversary Remix by Ursula 1000

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