PHILL MOST CHILL & MR FANTASTIC: Superfunk Inc./ The Most Fantastic (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★
Holy US emcee/ UK producer team-up! It’s dynamic duo Phill Most Chill and Mr Fantastic with more fast rap. Well on one side at least. Side? Yep. Vinyl. Black and the full twelve inches. Sounds rude. A bit like Phill and Fanta’s 120 bpm adventure into b-boy-friendly, blaxploitation car-chase sampling, hip-hop – and it’s the second bit of PMC action already this spring! Comes with cover art courtesy of Phill himself who depicts the pair of them with a frank realism – he toting a chainsaw, a mic and a hairstyle last seen on the Ultramagnetics in 1986 and Mr Fantastic with the wiry granite physique we all know so well. Also comes with slower b-side brag rap The Most Fantastic.
(Out 15 April on AE Productions)


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