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MC JUICE: Every Line On Point EP (Ltd. Vinyl 12″)

Every drop by Nobody Buys Records is essential hip-hop-wise and MC Juice’s Every Line On Point EP is no exception. It also marks the label’s first return to the vinyl 12″ in nearly a decade! Well – it is an eight-tracker – no way you’re getting that on 45. Production on all tracks comes from Bankrupt Europeans of course and if that Juice/ B.E. combo sounds familiar – especially the names of two of these cuts (Where You Go and Unseen) that’ll be because – in their OG versions – they’ve appeared before on NBR-released vinyl 7″s a few years back. This time around however, you’re getting the remixes (one of Where You Go and two of Unseen) along with the all-new All Day in both original and remix versions as well as the Where You Go and All Day instros, an instro of the Unseen (Chaotic Resonance Remix) and the All Day acapella to boot. Blimey! Like the title says, every line from Juice is on point and the Chicago emcee’s bars are paired with the very last word in minimalist boom-bap production. Strickly limited to 100 copies of black vinyl and 250 marble-splatter vinyl.
(Pre-order now/ shipping 7 July on Nobody Buys Records)

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