YUGEN BLAKROK:  Carbon FormIt might be the day after Halloween but that doesn’t mean the darkness is over for here is Yugen Blakrok with new single Carbon Form off her forthcoming Anima Mysterium LP. Yep, the Blakrok who did that verse on Vince Staples’ Black Panther soundtrack cut Opps. She raps over ominous doom-laden beats provided by long-time partner Kanif the Jhatmaster that have more in common with the later work of Massive Attack than they do with the sludge-metal ‘horrorcore’ of Necro and Jedi Mind Tricks while her rhymes recall those of Kool Keith or Del That Funky Homosapien – if either of them were female and channeling the spirit of a voodoo mambo – “…offspring of Capricorn and Gemini/ Born from a sandstorm, whirlwinds, my burning eyes/ slayed a beast with seven tongues electrifying.”
(Out now on I.O.T. Records)