TIPPA IRIE & BLEND MISHKIN: ActiveNew rootsy business has just arrived from producer Blend Mishkin and reggae vocal veteran Tippa Irie in the shape of new single Active. Active? What’s that all about then? Unsurprisingly, it turns out to be a call to get busy – ironic perhaps, given the lockdown status currently affecting most of the world. Then again maybe not. There’s plenty to be doing – as Irie puts it – “You wanna make it inna life/ then tek me advice you got to be active.”  Give those skirting boards a wipe then? Finally fix that leak around the edge of the bath? Vacuum the car?  Er – well – possibly Irie had more of a seize-the-day type call to self-betterment in mind but given the circumstances that might well involve anything from volunteering to help a health service overwhelmed by mismanagement, lack of proper funding and creeping privatisation to allowing yourself the chance to look after your physical health and give in to your creative urges in a way that the bullshit twenty-first century work ethic doesn’t typically allow time for.