THE FRITZ:  Schweet EPNewness from Scour Records then, in the form of The Fritz’s debut Schweet EP which has apparently been eight years in the making. Turns out it’s a decidedly un-wobbly collection of party breakbeat nuggets of the sort that people used to make before the wobble began to take over – oohh – about eight years ago. Now that peak wobble has passed however, this sort of stuff has been re-emerging and, frankly, sounds a lot schweeter. The title track is a soul-sampling, 100bpm party-starter, Les Frites picks up the pace with a jazz-piano-laced, flute-frilled beat and Listen pushes the tempo still further, swing-fluences to the fore. All of these are topped however by the sexy, big horn thrills and loose-limbed groove of Latin-based opener Baller.
(Out now on Scour Records)