HAMMOND CLASSICS: Gartagena (2013)

With a name like Hammond Classics you could be forgiven for expecting some sort of organ grooving KPM Allstars type outfit. Except that Hammond Classics is one man and the last couple of times I’ve caught him he’s veered between seventies style reggae and a skanking dancehall bootleg. It’s only natural then that this one is all about the latin breaks – cumbia-based ones to be specific. While Ritmo De Las Muertes and Sol Y Luna are gentle but insistent enough to prompt those normally dead on the dancefloor to sway the day away, title track Gartagena is a certified latin dancefloor sureshot. Don’t expect the man to stick with latin-based material though. His next project is a ghetto afrobeat/ jazzstep hybrid. Actually, I might have made that last bit up.
(Out 27 July on Spring Loaded)