GRAMOPHONE SOUL: Toxic Funk Vol. 2 (Vinyl 7″)

GRAMOPHONE SOUL: Toxic Funk Vol. 2 (Vinyl 7Breakbeat Paradise is currently running two 45 series and Toxic Funk Vol. 2 is the next instalment of one of them, on which this time (unlike Volume 1) both tracks are the work of just one man – Gramophone Soul. Sitting On The Bay Banger is essentially a re-build of the Beastie Boys’ Peggy Lee-sampling 2004 bomb, Ch-Check It Out with extra beats and little bit more Peggy while the B-side goes where The Allergies went a while back on their Love’s Supposed To Be. And that destination (if it’s not one you’re familiar with) is a party breakbeat revitalisation of The Exciters’ northern soul classic Blowin’ Up My Mind, then. A couple of cuts to heat up the dancefloor then, especially if you missed previous re-works of the sample sources.
(Out 29 May on Breakbeat Paradise Recordings)