EL MICHELS AFFAIR: Life Of PabloAnd the third single to be lifted from El Michels Affair’s imminent new studio LP, Adult Themes, is Life Of Pablo. “Like a trip through the birth canal…[it says here]…Life of Pablo takes us on quite a ride.”  Yes – well – we’ve all been there. The start makes you feel a bit queasy though, beginning, as it does, with what the PR also describes as the cry of a newborn. Is it the reminder of sleepless nights? Or whether the nappy change was going to be a relatively ‘clean’ three wet wipes or a rather messier ‘sixer’? Also, surely a trip through the birth canal ends rather than starts with a newborn’s cry?  That’ll give you something to contemplate as you take in an instrumental that veers from a mood of lullaby-like warmth of bass, drums and muted melody to full-on tantrum-like crescendos – you know – like a…well…like a baby.
(Out soon on Big Crown Records)