DOUBLE BUBBLE: Ridiculous EP Neither a new brand of inflatable chewing gum nor indeed a line from the ‘Scottish play,’ Double Bubble hail from Nottingham and come bearing party breaks. Title track Ridiculous finds Kurnel MC riding a bleepy, rolling drum beat as he references interplanetary travel in such a manner that may lead some to suspect the employment of a metaphor. One about being on a natural high, obviously. Instrumental Show Me, discovers what Billy Squier sounds like atop Prince-like guitars. It wouldn’t be an EP with only two tracks of course and the remaining two are remixes of the above. Gramophone Soul is up first and transforms Ridiculous into something a whole lot more discofied while Rory Hoy is on hand to reliably find the big beat soul at the centre of Show Me.
(Out now (Juno exclusive)/ 20 September on BBP)

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