SHY FX feat. Liam Bailey: Soon Come (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ After heading down the dnb highway for two decades, original nuttah Shy FX pulls a u-turn with vocalist Liam Bailey for an altogether less hectic ride back in the direction of Trenchtown and a convincing bid for ‘feelgood hit of the summer, 2013.’ The reggae thing runs in the family apparently – grandad is former soundsystem king Count Shelly. I did have a very brief junglist minute back in the mid-nineties and Shy FX has the singular honour of being the man behind the first dnb twelve inch I bought (Rare Tear anyone?) but I’m much preferring the retro reggae vibe of Soon Come. Almost as much as David Rodigan on the radio rip below in fact, though I didn’t come at the end of it. Soon Come is the first release off forthcoming album Cornerstone. Player and vid below…
(Out 29 July on Digital Soundboy)


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