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SMOOVE: Empty World / Give It To Me (WACK RECORDS 22)(Vinyl 7″)

This new Wack 22 vinyl 7″ is the second 45 drop this year from Smoove’s cheeky edits/ mashups label Wack Records and finds him going in both Motown/ hip-hop and 80s funk/ hip-hop hybrid directions to equally dope effect. First up is Empty World which pairs The Supremes with Nas to dancefloor-destroying effect in a manner that harks back to Big Love from the very first Wack drop on 12″ all the way back in 2006! On the flip meanwhile, it’s all about Give It To Me which finds Young MC atop a beat that sounds like its creation involved a hefty amount of Rick James instrumentation thus demonstrating once again Smoove’s knowhow when it comes to party bangers.
(Out 24 November on Wack Records)

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