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KURE feat. LONE NINJA: Suicide Run

KURE feat. LONE NINJA:  Suicide RunThe suicide run eh? We’ve all been there. Though admittedly not in the company of Lone Ninja who ensures on this that Oz producer Kure is covered all the way to the end of his beat with full tactical lyrical support. What’s that Lone? “Your twenty henchmen with dying scourge guns blaze/ From deadly mission, yo, I emerge unscathed.” Why – that’s perfect – it’ll be the ninja training one assumes – all that origami and tea-making. No! Wait! I didn’t mean it, that was just a joke! What? “You might doubt, you hardly will listen/ I’ll wipe out your army division.”But I don’t have an army division! Really I was kidding! You wouldn’t hit a man wearing glasses would you? I have a heart condition…Yes…No…I’m sorry…No, I OVERstand. I will set the record straight. Ahem…in the earlier part of this post, the monkey may have inadvertently given the impression that lyrical ninjutsu is a frivolous activity with no combat application whatsoever whereas in reality it is a devastatingly effective mic technique that requires years of training. Suicide Run appears on Kure’s latest LP Molten Heat.
(Out now on Greater Force Records)

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